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Dear Friends,

Every fall harvest season turns our thoughts to our favorite winter meals–recipes that include winter vegetables, chestnuts, sometimes truffles when we want to splurge—and always, and I do mean ALWAYS, with new extra virgin olive oil. This year we will all be eating more meals prepared at home, and what better way to lift our spirits and treat our tastebuds than to have the most delicious ingredient in our kitchens and on our dining tables—a fresh supply of Organic EVOO.

In spite of the chaos all of us have encountered in 2020—the world of agriculture in Tuscany has been outstanding and Mother Nature has been exceedingly generous. This year’s olive production is truly one of the best we’ve seen in quite some time—the olives are full and plump, beautifully balanced, tasty, and absolutely perfect for producing exquisite oil.

You may remember that our olive groves are certified organic and therefore, so is the olive oil we offer. Luciano and Carlo maintain and care for our 2900 olive trees, handpicking the olives at just the right time, ensuring the high quality process of squeezing the olives, and bottling and storing the oil under precise conditions. Every step of the process is done with pride, careful attention, and respect for this “liquid gold” that comes from the land and from centuries-old family tradition.

We’re proud to announce that this year we have a new entry: the Limited Edition “Green Gold Cru” of La Moscadella!
The early harvest olives picked solely from the trees on the grounds of La Moscadella gifted us with a limited and selected production of what we call our “green gold”, an extra spicy, peppery, and fragrant oil! A real gift for those who like an oil with vivacious personality—a strong green oil which is used raw (not cooked) directly on salads, drizzled on soups and pasta dishes just before serving, for bruschetta, and many other delights that call for fresh oil as a condiment straight from the bottle.
La Moscadella oil is a small selected production coming only in one-liter cans, perfect for gifts, or special dinners.

Even though 2020 was not the year we could enjoy a meal together in person—we can vicariously be together as we enjoy our favorite meals enhanced with our delicious and softly spicy Cretaiole organic extra virgin olive oil or our newest vibrant and spicier La Moscadella organic extra virgin olive oil. Close your eyes as you savor the flavor, and imagine yourself to be in Tuscany. Mmmmm.

Treat yourself, your family, friends, and colleagues with the precious gift of our Tuscan extra virgin olive oils: if you prefer a peppery and fragrant oil, go for the “green gold cru” of La Moscadella, if you are pleased instead with a more round and fruity taste, choose the Cretaiole oil, both are pressed at the local mill, and bottled by our family.
It will be delivered to your home, and you will enjoy the fragrance of this naturally healthy oil on your dishes to enhance the flavor of your food.

If you would like to purchase our oil, please download the order form using the link just below. The form has all the details regarding prices, quantities, and shipping information. Fill in the form, scan, and return it to us by email.

Do it now, so that we can deliver it on time for your Christmas gifts!

With warmest regards and our best wishes,

Isabella, Carlo and Luciano

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