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Dear Friends,

The olive harvest is an autumnal ritual that is essential to Italy’s agrarian and culinary interests. The olive tree has been considered sacred since Etruscan times, actually, thousands of years of history and half a dozen civilizations have contributed to making the olive oil that we consume today.

Tuscany and especially the Val d’Orcia, with its hills, grounds, and climate allows the olive trees to grow and produce superior quality olives with low acidity.

Luciano and Carlo maintain and care for our twenty nine hundred olive trees, picking the olives at just the right time; ensuring the high quality process of crushing the olives, and then bottling and storing the oil under precise conditions. Our olive groves are certified organic and therefore, so is the olive oil we offer. Every step of the process is done with pride, careful attention, and respect for this “liquid gold” that comes from the land and from centuries-old family traditions.

Despite the limited quantity of this year’s crop, thanks to the excellent flowering and good weather conditions, an outstanding oil is expected, delivering a harmonious blend of pungent fruitiness and earthy olive oil.
A real gift for those who like an oil with vivacious personality!

Treat yourself, your family, friends, and colleagues with the precious gift of our
Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.

If you would like to purchase our oil, please download the order form using the link below. The form has all the details regarding prices, quantities, and shipping information. Fill in the form, scan, and return it to us by email.

The oil will be delivered to your home, and you will enjoy the fragrance of this naturally healthy oil on your dishes to enhance the flavor of your food.

With warmest regards and our best wishes,

Isabella, Carlo, Luciano and Niccolò

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