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Dear friends,

Autumn has arrived in Val d’Orcia, and time is moving on, just like a gentle breeze. In this beautiful chilly season, there’s nothing better than enjoying our freshly harvested olive oil.

This year, our olive groves faced some weather challenges, with excessive rain during the flowering phase and scorching summer heat, resulting in a slightly lower olive oil production. Despite these adversities, the plump and juicy olives have given us a reason to be grateful for Mother Nature’s bounty.

You may already know that Luciano and Carlo take great care of our 3,900 olive trees at Cretaiole and La Moscadella estates. They pick the olives at just the right time, ensuring they are pressed at a local mill, bottled, and stored under precise conditions – all managed by our family. We do this with pride, attention to detail, and respect for our land and traditions.
Our olive groves are certified organic, so the olive oil we offer has the same distinction.

Not only are we excited to present our exceptional new batch of extra virgin olive oil, but thanks to our family’s careful selection of olives harvested in the first half of October, at La Moscaella we were able to produce our
La Moscadella Grand Cru Early Harvest October 2023”. This unique “green gold” with a spicy, fragrant and intense character is ideal for those who appreciate an oil with a vivacious personality. It is perfect served raw, not cooked and drizzled on salads, soups, pasta dishes, bruschetta, and various other culinary delights.

Treat yourself, your family, friends, and colleagues to the gift of our Tuscan extra virgin olive oil! It’s not only a healthy part of the Mediterranean diet but it also adds exceptional flavor to your dishes. It truly enhances your culinary experiences.

We offer different options for buying our olive oil – 1-liter and 5-liter cans from Cretaiole for larger needs, and the La Moscadella Grand Cru 0.5-liter bottles with elegant bottle and label, perfect for gifting.

If you would like to purchase our exceptional oil, please click the link below to download the order form. This form has all the info on prices, quantities, and shipping details. Just fill it out and send it back to us via email. Your order will be delivered right to your door.

Warmest regards and best wishes,
Isabella, Carlo, Luciano, Niccolò

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